Katherine graduated with an A.R.C.T. in guitar performance from the Royal Conservatory of music where she has received awards and scholarships. She also studied piano and vocals extensively with a focus on classical training.


Beginning her performing career at 14, Katherine has played several prestigious venues, which include: Much Music, Kingswood Music Theatre, Massey Hall, Roy Thompson Hall and at TIFF for the premiere of “Eastern Promises” (featuring: Viggo Mortenson & Naomi Watts) and Rachel Getting Married” (featuring Anne Hathaway) to name a few.


Katherine has recording over 100 tracks, receiving radio play and notoriety throughout Canada and the U.S. Various accomplishments include reaching #34 on the Billboard dance charts with self-written single "I Never Needed", a duet with Grammy nominated Stevie and penning dance hits "When I Fall In Love" and "Now and Forever" for L'il Suzy. Her vocal recordings under the name K2 Groove received Canadian Gold Status on Cd's entitled "Energy Boost" and "Pumped up Disco Grooves". Katherine also recorded several dance tracks for fitness guru Richard Simmons' work-out video "Sweatin to the Oldies". Her guitar recordings can be heard on compilations “Spanish Café” and “Mexican Wedding” released by Somerset Entertainment.


Katherine now resides in Athens, Greece and is focusing on her career as a musician/writer/artist and is currently in studio writing and recording new music; a unique amalgamation of pop/rock/jazz.